Terms & Privacy Policy

  • These Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy determines your use of Wild Wallet (Site, Services & Android mobile App); you confirm your agreement with the following by using Wild Wallet (Site, Services & Android mobile App). If you are not sure that you confirm your agreement with the following, you are free not to use the Wild Wallet (Site, Services & Android mobile App).
  • Our Privacy Policy

    The privacy of our users is of utmost importance to us. Any personal data you provide (e-mail address, personal ID, identification means for the site etc.) is being secured carefully and can be used only for two-way communication and providing you with the important information about your purchase and downloads, the latest updates about our policy and news.

    The only information we can ask you for in our app is your e-mail, name, country, age.

    When you provide us with your personal data, be sure that it will not be passed to any unauthorized third party. Your personal data (including e-mail) cannot be used for any purposes including statistics, analysis and distribution. Your e-mail can be used only for important notifications, offers and reminders from our mobile app.

  • Information Security

    We guarantee that by using our app your personal data will be protected and secured. We use the best services of electronic, managerial and physical opportunities to keep all collected information 100% safe and protected. Any data we collect online is protected from disclosure, destruction, third-party access, alteration and loss by reliable security measures. We make the most dependable efforts to protect all data you provide us with. By using the latest security measures we warn our users that we do not bear responsibility for any data loss, alteration or misuse made by the third unauthorized party.

  • Site and Service Content

    By the word “Content” one should understand all data represented on the site including but not limiting any text, graphic, sound, video data, logos and trademarks. All data represented on the Site is owned and managed by the App Wild Wallet. It is protected by the intellectual property rights and copyright. According to them no part of the site and application content can be used (copied, distributed, reproduced) by any third unauthorized party on any other site or resource. The usage of the site or application content is possible only by the prior written agreement between the parties.

  • Cooperation

    Wild Wallet site and service is not sponsored by any other non/for-profit organization including PayPal and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

  • Liability Limitations

    Wild Wallet and its representatives have liability limitations as for the site and application content, communication and conduct. We bear no responsibility for the following situations: a) incorrect or inaccurate data appeared on the site as well as the any programming or equipment errors which can influence the site work; b) errors and failures of software and hardware, internet traffic or phone lines connection; c) third party unauthorized intervention into the site working process; d) human or technical errors in account credits operations and administrations; e) damage or loss to humans or property caused directly or indirectly by the usage or misusage of the site or application.

  • User Conduct

    Every user confirms the agreement to use the site and application at own risk and to hold the Wild Wallet licensors, affiliates, directors and employees from liability, losses and expenses claims including attorney fees from third parties arising from such usage. It is prohibited to hack or decipher any transmissions from/to the site server by any means or services. By using our site and application you agree not to violate any laws neither local, national or foreign nor our own site or service regulations according to its usage or access to it.

  • Usage Limitations

    Wild Wallet site and service can be used only by individuals older than 13 years old. We do not provide any data to the individuals under 13 as well as collect any data from them. You can provide us with the evidences that a person under 13 uses our app or site, and we will immediately delete certain account from our system and all personal data received from the user.

  • Guarantees

    All users should use Wild Wallet site and service as it is with no guarantees implied or expressed. Your usage of the site resources is to be performed at your own risk and discretion. Any damage or loss made to your smartphone or data while using the site or application are to your solely responsibility.

  • Usage Termination

    Wild Wallet site and service (mobile app) has the right to terminate the usage of the resource without previous notification for Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy violation or any criminal, fraudulent and unauthorized activity. We can terminate your access to the resource any time without the need to explain the reason. Your account will be deleted due to the abovementioned reasons.

  • Botnets

    It is prohibited to use botnets or other automated means to get the access to the site and application and to use its opportunities. Such activity is at odds to the Privacy Policy of the site and means the violation of its Terms and Conditions. Wild Wallet considers as fraud any automated activity aiming to get the access to the service and its resources. Any accounts using botnets or any automation can be terminated immediately without prior notification. In case of botnets revelation all hostnames using to control and command them can be redirected to the loopback addresses, honeypots, incorrect logging facilities and other destinations at the discretion of the service. Any anonymous proxies are prohibited to be used on Wild Wallet. All anonymous accounts will be deleted without prior notification.

  • Agreement Changes and Addition

    Wild Wallet has the right to change, correct or make addition to the following conditions at any time. All modified, new and additional terms will be placed in the agreement for public access. Your continued usage of the site and application means confirmed agreement to follow updated standards. If you have any questions or comments regarding the above mentioned, contact us using the following e-mail: wildwallet.app@gmail.com. Enjoy Wild Wallet correct usage.

  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy updated on 23.10.2014